A major goal of any wrestler is to become a Champion. In VOW you do this by entering tournaments. All wrestlers with at least 50 Exp. can enter the tournaments, provided that they are able to pay the entry fee.

Each of the 5 VOW leagues has several tournaments. The "docs only" rule is often ignored when participating in tournaments, as the rewards for winning are 10 times the entry fee.

LAW: $50 entry fee, tournament winners receive $500 and 100 Fame

SPWA: $100 entry fee, tournament winners receive $1000 and 100 Fame

PWO: $200 entry fee, tournament winners receive $2000 and 100 Fame

SSWO: $500 entry fee, tournament winners receive $5000 and 100 Fame

VWO: $500 entry fee, tournament winners receive $5000 and 100 Fame

Each tournament requires 8 participants to start, and follows a single-elimination format: if you lose a match, you are automatically removed from the tournament. Tournament results are updated daily at 5:00 server time.

If you win a tournament in which there is no belt holder, you will receive that title by default. If there is a defending champion, a title match will take place the following day to decide the new champion. While your tournament performance can largely be influenced by your stats and your current move set, anything can happen in VOW; wrestlers regarded as the heavy favorites do not necessarily go all the way. By the same token, there have been wrestlers who have managed to win titles in the leagues above them.

The current title holder is not allowed to enter the tournament where he is the defending champion. If the belt holder is on the list of wrestlers participating at the beginning of his tournament, his name will automatically be removed.

Wrestlers can participate in higher-level tournaments (e.g., a LAW can enter an SSWO tournament, or an SPWA can enter a PWO tournament). If you are promoted while participating in one of your league tournaments, you will be automatically booted: a LAW advancing to SPWA will be removed from all the LAW tournaments he is in, for instance. However, if your wrestler is in a higher-level tournament when he gets promoted (e.g., a LAW fighting in an SPWA tournament by the time he is promoted from LAW), you will not be disqualified from that tournament.

For each day that you hold a title belt, you will gain $50 and 20 Fame.

VOW Tournament List


  • World LAW Championship
  • LAW Ladder Championship
  • LAW Rage in a Cage Championship


  • World SPWA Championship
  • SPWA Ladder Championship
  • SPWA Table Championship
  • SPWA Rage in a Cage Championship
  • SPWA LMS Championship
  • SPWA Aeralist Championship
  • SPWA Power Grappler Championship
  • SPWA Technical Championship
  • SPWA Traditional Championship
  • SPWA Stiff-Neck Championship


  • World PWO Championship
  • PWO Ladder Championship
  • PWO Table Championship
  • PWO Rage in a Cage Championship
  • PWO LMS Championship


  • World SSWO Championship
  • SSWO Ladder Championship
  • SSWO Table Championship
  • SSWO Rage in a Cage Championship
  • SSWO LMS Championship
  • SSWO Aeralist Championship
  • SSWO Power Grappler Championship
  • SSWO Technical Championship
  • SSWO Traditional Championship
  • SSWO Stiff-Neck Championship


  • World VWO Championship
  • VWO Ladder Championship
  • VWO Table Championship
  • VWO Rage in a Cage Championship
  • VWO LMS Championship

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