Tag Teams

VOW offers players the option to form teams and have tag matches. The interface also enables players to have multi-wrestler rumbles.

The Tag Teams Page

The Tag Team page displays the following links:

  • Click here to view all teams.
  • Click here to create a new tag team challenge.
  • Click here to create a tag team.
  • Click here to view all team matches.

This is the page where tag challenges are accepted and declined. You will not be notified of any open challenges by red text, as is the case with normal matches. You must check this page to accept or decline tag matches and rumbles.

This is also the page that displays a list of all of the teams of which you are a member. Here, you can both accept invitations to teams and leave existing teams.

View All Teams

This link allows you to browse through all the existing tag teams in VOW.

Create a New Tag Team Challenge

This link allows you to create tag challenges at the cost of 50 AP. The match will commence only after each participant has accepted the challenge.

Tag Team matches are calculated every 10 minutes, server time (e.g. 13:30, 13:40, 13:50, etc.).

Tag Team matches only follow the singles match ruleset, meaning that matches are decided by pinfall, submission, or knockout and that there are no Ladders, Tables, or Cages involved in the match.

Create a Tag Team

A Tag Team can have up to five members. This enables players to have large and epic tag matches and also allows players to create handicap matches, in which one team outnumbers the other.

To create a tag team, you only need to take note of your partners' wrestler IDs (e.g. FakeWrestler(123456)). Enter a team name, enter all of your partners' IDs (do not enter your own ID), and click the Create Team button.

Once all of your partners accept their respective team invitations, you and your teammates will be free to enter your team in tag matches.

View All Team Matches

This page functions as an archive of all pending and past team matches. Enter a Tag ID number in the filter at the bottom of the page to narrow your search down to a specific team.


Players also use the Tag Team interface to set up rumbles, which are free-for-all elimination matches with multiple wrestlers. Rumbles can be created with up to ten Tag IDs. Most spontaneous rumbles are created with the expectation that you will enter the competition by yourself. To do this, you will need a Singles Tag ID.

Go to the Create a Tag Team page, enter a name for your Singles Tag ID, leave all the other ID boxes empty, and click the Create Team button.

You are now ready to rumble.

Creating a Rumble

If you want to create your own rumble, simply announce your intent to do so in the chat room.

"Rumble! Post IDs!"

At this point, begin collecting the IDs that start appearing in the chat window. When you have enough IDs, go to the Create a Tag Team Challenge page and create the rumble.

Unfortunately, many rumbles fail due to the following reasons:

  • Some players might not accept the rumble.
    • Maybe these players got impatient while waiting for the rumble to be created and simply logged out of VOW.
    • Maybe these players simply forgot about the rumble.
  • Some players might not have enough AP.
  • Some players might have submitted a multiple-person Tag ID by mistake.

Creating rumbles can get annoying when attempt after attempt fails due to the reasons above. Be patient and try to create them quickly before people start to lose patience and leave.

Note: LAWs (League of Amateur Wrestlers) can no longer create Single tag teams/Tag teams, and therefore cannot participate in Rumbles. The only exceptions to this rule are Legends that have recently retired and returned to LAW.

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