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The VOW Manual is the wiki resource for Virtual Online Wrestling (VOW). Here you can find useful information about one of the Internet's leading wrestling games.

VOW is a free text-based, open-ended, mass-multiplayer online game. Create and guide your wrestler up the ranks. Make a name for yourself by beating other wrestlers and joining tournaments. If you're good (or just plain lucky), you may get a title shot or two and become a champion of VOW.

Please note that this is NOT A RULEBOOK FOR VOW, it is only a helping hand to those getting started on VOW. The data published here within this Wiki Guide is not endorsed by those at PLIT Games, they are thoughts and suggestions by the players of the game and Peter or any of the game developers have not had any input to this guide.

Game Interface

Learn how to navigate through VOW's command options.

Getting Started

So you wanna be a wrestler? Click here.

Move List

You live and die by the moves you can do in the ring.


How to customize your VOW profile.

Rules of Conduct

…or how not to get in hot water with management.

Tag Teams

Looking for a tag partner? Want to join a rumble? Find out how.


…or how to get all that Shiny Gold.


Roleplaying. Fantasy booking. Kayfabe. Click to find out more.

Hints and Tips

How to make it to retirement and beyond.


For those that like to get along.

Myths of VOW

Some commonly asked questions answered.


What to do when you have bought all the moves.


Get something extra out of VOW.

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