After you purchase all the available moves in the Locker Room, you are given the option of retirement. If you wish to retire your wrestler and start the game over as a LAW once again, click on the Legends of VOW link and apply for legend status at the bottom of the page.

Before retiring, be sure to craft your Player Description to your liking, as that description will be forever preserved in your profile on the Legends of VOW list and cannot be edited afterwards.

Your wrestler will be affected by retirement as follows:

  • You cannot rename your wrestler.
  • Your money will be lost. If you are part of a stable, you can give your cash to your stable before you retire so your stable can buy an additional roster spot.
  • Your surplus AP will be carried over to your reborn wrestler.
  • 10% of your Fame will be carried over to your reborn wrestler.
  • You will be given the option of choosing a new wrestling style for your wrestler.
    • If you choose a new style, you will receive a +1 damage bonus that will be applied to your moves randomly (e.g. a move that normally inflicts 1-10 damage will now inflict 1-11 damage).
    • If you choose to return with the same style, your damage bonus will be reduced to +0.5.
    • Your damage bonus is cumulative with each subsequent retirement. This means that legends with multiple retirements can be extremely formidable!

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