PLIT MCode is a proprietary marque up language you can use to make your descriptions more interesting in the games.


PLIT MCode can be used in the following areas of the game:

  • VOW Messages
  • VOW Special Move Descriptions
  • VOW Stable Description
  • VOW Stable Messages
  • VOW Character Description
    • There is a 250 character limit in the Character Description.
    • Go to to shorten long URLs and use your character limit more efficiently.
    • Go to to both store pictures and share them using short URLs.
  • Forum Posts

PLIT MCode Syntax

  • Newline: [br]
  • Italic: [i]Put your italic text here[/i]
  • Bold: [b]Put your bold text here[/b]
  • Underline: [u]Put your underlined text here[/u]
  • Paragraph: [p]Put your paragraph here[/p]
  • Center: [center]Put centered text here[/center]
  • Image: [img src=http://someurl/some/path/image.ext]
  • URL: [url src=http://someurl/some/path/somepage.ext text=some link text]
  • Font size: [fontsize=+1]Your text here[/fontsize] (you can change the number, max 9)
  • Font size: [fontsize=-1]Your text here[/fontsize] (you can change the number, max 9)
  • Font color: [fontcolor=#……]Your text here[/fontcolor] (replace the dots with the hex code for the color)
  • Font face: [fontface=SOME FONT NAME]Your text here[/fontface]

PLIT MCode Examples

  • Newline: testing 123[br]testing 123 =

testing 123
testing 123

  • Italic: [i]testing 123[/i] =

testing 123

  • Bold: [b]testing 123[/b] =

testing 123

  • Underline: [u]testing 123[/u] =

testing 123

  • Paragraph: Testing, testing, 1… 2… 3… [p]Testing 123.[/p] =

Testing, testing, 1… 2… 3…

Testing 123.

  • Center: [center]testing 123[/center] =

testing 123

  • Image: [img src=] =
  • URL: [url src= text=link to] =

  • [fontsize=+5]testing 123[/fontsize] =

testing 123

  • [fontsize=-3]testing 123[/fontsize] =

testing 123

  • [fontcolor=#FF0000]testing 123[/fontcolor] =

testing 123

  • [fontsize=+5][fontcolor=#00FF00]testing 123[/fontcolor][/fontsize] =

testing 123

Code Oddities

  1. Character Descriptions
    • Paragraph code [p][/p] does not work here. Instead, use multiple Newlines [br][br] to provide breaks.
    • Text is automatically centered, so the Center code [center][/center] is not needed here.
  2. Stables Descriptions and Stable Messages
    • Newlines are absolutely necessary here, as the text body no longer recognizes the Enter/Return key as a valid line break.

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