Myths Of VOW
  1. Does specializing a move make it appear less?
    • One of the most common myths within VOW is that specialized moves appear less than non-specialized moves. The reason your specials appear to decrease in frequency later in your career is because your move list is increasing, and as a result the system has more moves to chose from. For example, if you have a total of 40 moves, the chance of executing a specific move (ignoring the move's hit chance and relevant stat) is 1/40. After buying 5 more moves, your chance at executing the same move is now 1/45.
  1. Does specializing a submission move increase or decrease its effectiveness?
    • Simple answer - no. All sub moves have a predetermined submission chance, regardless of the damage taken in the match.
  1. Does specializing a pin move increase or decrease its effectiveness?
    • Yes, the pin chance is ALWAYS determined by the damage taken in a match as well as the damage dealt by the pin move. Generally, the more damage you have taken, the more likely you are to get pinned. The extra damage indirectly increases your chance to win by pin.
  1. What is the best special for _ wrestlers?
    • Each move in VOW has advantages and disadvantages. There is no "best" special for any style. Be original with specials - if you want to specialize all low damage/high frequency moves, then do so. Just go with what you think are good moves, because none of them are inherently bad or included in the list to trip you up. Every move on the list has given someone a victory in VOW.
  • What is the best match type for _ wrestlers?
    • Aside from the Traditional wrestler, the other wrestling styles do not have any inherent advantages in match types. Contrary to popular rumor, the Aerialist is not superior in Ladder matches nor is the Power Grappler unstoppable in Table matches. The only real difference between the match types is the point at which each match ends. A Ladder match has a chance to end a bit sooner than a Table match, and usually means that the participants receive less damage in a Ladder match than a Table match. The Cage match is just the next step above the Table match and an LMS match is really just a fight that only ends in a KO. Singles, of course, can end at any time with a pin, submission, or KO.
    • There is absolutely nothing built into the game engine that suggests that a particular style will outperform another (with the exception of the Traditional wrestler), since they all have access to the same pool of moves and can be built with equal effectiveness for singles, non-singles, or somewhere in between.
    • Trads are a special case, since their style advantage is a pin bonus. They are at a disadvantage in non-singles matches, but if built properly can become notoriously efficient in singles matches.

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