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Move Choice

Once you start earning money from your matches, you will have the opportunity to buy moves for your wrestler. The moves are divided into four classes:

  • Aerial
  • Strength
  • Submission
  • Technique

These four move classes directly correlate to each of your four combat stats: Aerial, Strength, Submission, & Technique. It therefore makes sense to choose moves that reflect your wrestler's stats.

Moves can be also be divided into four types, regardless of class:

  • Pins
    • Pin moves inflict minor to moderate damage, but provide you with a better chance to pin than a normal pin and can sometimes give you a win at the very beginning of a match. However, these moves become more effective toward the end of the match as your opponent's Consciousness drops.
    • Pin Moves by Class:
      • Aerial - Sunset Flip
      • Strength - Northern Lights Suplex/Pin
      • Technique - Back Slide, Compactor, Cradle Suplex, Flip-Over Cover, German Suplex, Rolling Germans, Small Package
  • Submissions
    • Submission moves also inflict minor to moderate damage and can also end matches fairly quickly. Submissions' effectiveness remains constant throughout the match and are not affected by Consciousness whatsoever.
    • Aside from the moves within the list of Submission moves, there are two other moves that double as submissions: Bear Hug and Head Vice.
  • Knockout
    • There is really only one move that fits into this category: Toss out of Ring. This move gives you a small chance of winning by KO.
  • Damage-based Moves
    • The vast majority of the available moves are damage-based moves. Their one and only purpose is to inflict as much pain as possible.

Move choice is everything. While matches in VOW are randomly generated, a true master of VOW knows which moves to buy at the right times.

If you find yourself inclined toward singles matches, you would be well-served by adding a good mix of pins and submissions into your move arsenal. If you prefer non-singles matches, then damage-based moves are the way to go. If your long-term plan is to start with non-singles at the beginning of your career and transition into singles toward the end of your career, then choose your moves accordingly as you advance through the game.

While the amount of influence you have on the outcome of a single match is limited, it is entirely possible to influence your long-term win/loss trends. Through careful planning and analysis, you can avoid mediocrity and become a true force to reckon within the ranks of VOW.


All moves are at highly inflated prices when you start the game. These prices go down with each experience point you earn from your matches, until they reach a minimum price. If you have not bought any moves by the time you reach 300 exp., your moves will have reached their minimum.

Buying a move raises the prices of the other moves. The prices always go back to their minimum every 50 exp. (e.g. 350, 400, 450 exp.), provided you hold off from additional purchases before then.

Moves will not become cheaper than their minimum price if you do not buy any moves after they have reached their minimum. Instead, the game starts crediting your exp. to future price cuts. For instance, if your move prices have reached their minimum and you choose to earn 100 more exp. instead of buying moves right away, the 100 exp. you have accrued will allow you to buy 2 moves (100/50 = 2) at their minimum price later on.

The Move List

Apart from the 13 moves that every wrestler starts off with, there are a total of 141 buyable moves in the game. Every wrestler, in addition to the starting 13 common moves, also starts with 3 style-specific moves. Hence, every wrestler has 138 (141 - 3 style-specific moves) moves listed in the Locker Room. In order to retire, the wrestler must buy all of the 138 remaining moves.

Below you will find the Move List along with their minimum prices.

Submission Strength Aerial Technique
# Move Name Cost ($) Move Name Cost ($) Move Name Cost ($) Move Name Cost ($)
1 Abdominal Stretch 2510 Airplane Spin Drop 1530 2nd Rope Splash 1280 Arm Breaker 1800
2 Achilles Tendon 860 Atomic Drop 620 450 Splash 1480 Back Brain Kick 1520
3 Ankle Lock 1945 Back Body Drop 1190 Backflip Splash 1280 Back Heel Trip 350
4 Argentine Back Breaker 2240 Back Breaker 1415 Corkscrew Moonsault 1222 Back Rake 370
5 Arm Bar 1370 Back Suplex 1415 Diving Headbutt 2000 Back Slide* 2140
6 Boston Crab 2840 Bear Hug 2620 Flipping Face Slam 1080 Bulldog 1800
7 Bow and Arrow 1910 Belly-to-Belly Suplex 1415 Flying Clothesline 1850 Choke 360
8 Camel Clutch 2510 Big Boot 1000 Flying Cross Body 1100 Compactor* 1300
9 Chicken Wing 1405 Bite 365 Flying Elbow Drop 1410 Cradle Suplex* 2460
10 Chin Lock 1145 Body Slam 1145 Flying Headscissors Takedown 1200 DDT 2150
11 Cobra Clutch 1945 Brain Buster 1500 Flying Neck Snap 1400 Dragon Leg Screw 350
12 Crossface 1780 Canadian Backbreaker 1340 Flying Neckbreaker 2070 Drop Toe Hold 500
13 Face Lock 1120 Chokeslam 1905 Flying Shoulder Breaker 750 Eye Gouge 360
14 Figure Four Leg Lock 3405 Crucifix Power Bomb 1340 Flying Shoulder Block 1850 Flip-Over Cover* 2000
15 Full Nelson 1170 Elbow Smash 1025 Flying Spin Kick 1410 German Suplex* 2630
16 Half Nelson 770 Electric Chair 1415 Flying Wheel Kick 1080 Hair Pull 360
17 Head Scissors 2310 Fallaway Slam 1435 Handspring Elbow 1400 Hamstring Pull 1250
18 Scorpion Deathlock 3405 Forearm Smash 1025 Hurricanrana 739 Head Butt 1320
19 Sleeper Hold 2510 Front Powerslam 1415 Lionsault 1003 Heel Kick 1700
20 Surfboard 2400 Front Suplex 1500 Missile Dropkick 775 Hip Toss 500
21 Wristlock 1195 Full Nelson Slam 1415 Moonsault 1250 Jaw Breaker 1700
22 Gorilla Press 1055 Rolling Senton Splash 1280 Knee Breaker 1450
23 Gut Buster 1550 Second Rope Leg Drop 1250 Knee Drop 1100
24 Gut Wrench Suplex 1415 Senton Splash 1505 Leg Breaker 1450
25 Hanging Fallaway Suplex 1150 Shooting Star Press 1352 Leg Drop 1595
26 Head Vice 785 Spinning Kick 750 Leg Split 1250
27 Knee to Gut 695 Spring Board Moonsault 1003 Leg Twist 1250
28 Northern Lights Suplex/Pin* 3215 Springboard Dropkick 1025 Low Blow Leg Drop 1070
29 Pile Driver 2225 Summersault Legdrop 1630 Monkey Flip 660
30 Power Bomb 1415 Sunset Flip* 2080 Neck Snap 1520
31 Pumphandle Slam 1245 Superplex 1407 Neckbreaker 1640
32 Pumphandle Suplex 1245 Top Rope Axe Handle 1100 Ring Rope Clothesline Snap 2150
33 Sidewalk Slam 1250 Top-rope Splash 2150 Rolling Germans* 4493
34 Slap 365 Whisper in Wind 1080 Rope Choke 800
35 Snake Eyes 1040 Shining Wizard 2020
36 Spine Buster 1055 Shoulder Block 1560
37 Spinning Punch 695 Small Package* 2120
38 Splash 1250 Snap Suplex 1070
39 Stall Suplex 1580 Spear 2215
40 Thrust Kick 1640 Toss out of Ring*** 3230
41 Tiger Driver 1055 Underhook Suplex 1070
42 Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker 1340 Wheel Kick 1180
43 Tilt-a-Whirl Slam 1340
44 Vertical Suplex 1500

* This move is primarily a pinning move that deals damage and provides an increased pinning chance at the same time.
** This move doubles as a submission move.
*** This move has a chance of KOing the opponent.

The total money needed to buy all 138 moves and retire, assuming all moves are purchased at minimum price and excluding the cost of your 3 style-specific moves you are given automatically during character creation, is $205934. If one buys moves at this rate (not recommended), one can expect to retire upon reaching 7150 experience points.

Most people are able to retire well before the 7150 mark and become Legends of VOW by saving enough money to retire in the 5000-6000 experience range.

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