Hints and Tips
  1. Noob Bashing
    • Fighting weaker people a few times within LAW is fine. However, don't make a habit of this! The moderators are on the lookout for those who abuse the rules of the game, and in terms of noob bashing, they fall into these rules:
      • Fighting some LAW 3 or more times when the LAW has no chance at all. A low SPWA vs a LAW many times is not necessarily bad if they are close to one another in exp. However, if, for example, it is a SPWA against a 0 exp LAW then it is a suspendable offense.
      • Continuously fighting different LAWs 1 or more times who have no chance of winning at all.
  2. Know Your Enemy
    • At the beginning of the game, avoid challenging wrestlers with a large experience lead above yours, as players with more exp. usually have more moves. It is best to compete with wrestlers that are within a safe margin of experience difference relative to your wrestler. As you progress further into the game, the number of moves becomes increasingly less relevant, so you will eventually be able to safely compete with others with greater and greater experience leads.
    • Careful analysis of a potential opponent's win/loss record can give you a greater insight into his/her strength. Some people have built wrestlers that perform superbly, while others have built wrestlers that perform poorly.
  3. Minimum Price
    • Many wrestlers choose to start purchasing moves when they reach minimum price at 300 Exp. (provided you have not bought any moves before reaching this level), although buying moves before then can give you a bit of an advantage over your peers.
    • The closer you get to 300 Exp., the cheaper the moves will get. After purchasing a single move at minimum price, the prices will again increase. Minimum pricing will again be reached after gaining 50 more Exp.
    • You can choose to buy moves before they reach their minimum price. Doing so will enhance your wrestler's performance, particularly in the earlier leagues.
  4. Tournaments and AP
    • Tournaments provide you with a good way to save AP, as they do not require you to spend any AP (aside from Auto-Heal) in tournament matches. If you feel that you are strong enough to win a match or two without using additional staff, then enter the tournaments to get some experience points. If you get lucky and advance, then you can play to win and use full staff.
  5. Specials vs. Moves
    • Special moves can be purchased for a hefty fee to enhance existing moves so that they inflict additional damage. Alternatively, extra moves can be purchased to cumulatively inflict more damage in a match. In other words, you can either spend $X0,000 on a single special move and inflict a massive X amount of damage or you can spend the same $X0,000 on several normal moves and still inflict a massive X amount of damage, cumulatively.
    • Which choice is better? In the end, it is up to you to decide how to balance your wrestler's moveset and budget. If money is plentiful, then by all means buy a special move. It is best to avoid neglecting your regular moveset and instead buy a move here and there while you are saving up for that special move.


You can follow these tips as much as you want. You may get some wins and even a title or two… but guess what? This guide is not foolproof. Following the tips given in this resource will not make your wrestler invincible, nor does it give you the license to become cocky. Ultimately, VOW can be equated to a complicated mish-mash of dice rolls, which means that even the mightiest wrestler can fall to the most pitiful jobber. That's just the way VOW is.

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