Getting Started

Creating a Wrestler

VOW is essentially player vs player: you create a wrestler to fight other wrestlers. You can choose from one of 5 wrestler types, each with his own specific advantages:

Basically, they leave their feet most of the time to perform their best offensive maneuvers. They use "high risk" moves to hurt their opponent or to get them on the mat. This style can be abusive to the performer's body because they are taking the impact of falling so often and there is the risk of not connecting with a move. They need to use this style because they are usually not big of stature and they need to use their quickness and light weight to their advantage. After a few years, the guy usually fade into a new style of wrestling because their quickness has eroded and their body has taken a beating over the years. Also, they leave their feet ofter to perform on the defensive to perform a reversal. Sometimes their matches look too choreographed because many opponents find it difficult to copy their style.

Style advantage: Increased chance to connect with a move

Power Grappler
Usually, they are the biggest guys who weigh over 250 Lbs. They use their brute strength and size to batter their opponents with "high-impact" moves. Their opponents are regularly on the mat after receiving one of these moves. Their slams and clotheslines are delivered with a devastating force that can turn the tide of the match around after just one blow. When they brawl, they use "clubbing" shots. They use their offense as a defense and only move when they power their opponent into the ropes.
They like to use the middle of the ring more

Style advantage: Increased damage delivered when hitting a opponent

Stiff Neck
There are a few good brawlers. Their offense consists of punching, kicking, biting, scratching, or just about anything else when the referee pretends to try and stop them. They have no defense. They sacrifice their body as a weapon and to set up their brawling. Their best matches end quickly. They stay stationery except when stalking their opponents

Style advantage: Less damage received from being hit

Sometimes they are called "scientific" or "mat" wrestlers. There is no such thing as a "mat wrestler" because Greco-Roman and Free Style is not a predominant part of professional wrestling. There are some guys who can perform on the mat, but it is not a predominant style. Technicians employ many holds and crisply and quickly execute their moves. There are excellent on defense and use many reversals and counter moves to turn their situation into an offensive maneuver. Many of the fans fins the style boring because they don't appreciate their skills and they usually like something more "exciting" or power-oriented.

Style advantage: Increased counter chance

This is the most difficult style to explain. Some may say it employs the four other styles to make this style or the four styles delivered from this style. Usually, they match-up well with the other styles and present a good match because they can "carry" their opponent in a match. They use the entire ring and provide a lot of movement to keep the match interesting. This style requires good conditioning to present a good match. It looks more realistic because they don't wear themselves out brawling, or using power or aerial moves, which would be almost impossible to accomplish in an unchoreographed fight, or pressure point holds that can cause injury.

Style advantage: Increased pin chance

Starting Stats

VOW wrestlers all have the following stats: Strength, Submission, Technique, Aerial, and Consciousness.

Strength, submission, technical and aerial are all offensive stats. Wrestling moves are classified under one of the these four stats. The 5 wrestling types have differing strong and weak stats, and different starting move lists.

Consciousness is the equivalent of hit points in a standard RPG. Wrestlers lose Con when they take damage, and are knocked out when their Con hits zero.

Using the table below you can get a feel for exactly how a new wrestler should start off. Consciousness should be the first stat you should raise, as this helps you last longer in fights. Your wrestler's strongest offensive stat should be the next stat to be raised. This will be explained in detail below.

Aerialist Power Grapple Stiff Neck Traditional Technical
Stat Start Max Start Max Start Max Start Max Start Max
Strength 15 30 25 50 20 40 17 33 17 33
Submission 17 33 17 33 17 33 17 33 17 36
Technical 15 30 16 31 15 29 17 33 18 36
Aerial 20 40 9 9 12 24 13 26 15 29
Consciousness 50 75 50 75 50 75 50 75 50 75

Starting Moves

  • Headlock
  • Turnbuckle Smash
  • Chop
  • Punch
  • Stomp
  • Kick
  • Shoulder Tackle
  • Shoulder Thrust
  • Irish Whip Into Corner
  • Arm Drag Takedown
  • Elbow Drop
  • Clothesline
  • Drop Kick


Stats do not dictate how much damage you will inflict with each move. Rather, your stats affect two things:

  1. Hit Probability
    1. Each stat is equivalent to a percentage value. This percentage value is added to a move's inherent hit percentage value, and then is used to calculate your Total Hit Probability for a specific move. For example:
      • Strength = 41
      • Big Boot (strength move) = X
      • 41 + X = Total Hit Probability for Big Boot (%)
    2. This means that even if your Strength stat is somehow depleted to 0, there is still a probability of X (%) that you will execute Big Boot in a match.
  2. Counter Probability
    1. The lower your Total Hit Probability is, the more likely you will be countered when attempting to do certain moves.

Be sure to check the Gym page every now and then. Your maximum stat values increase as you rise in experience.

Style-Specific Moves

Each wrestler starts with these moves as well as 3 moves specific to their style.


  • Flying Crossbody
  • Flying Clothesline
  • Top-Rope Splash

Power Grapple

  • Big Boot
  • Bear Hug
  • Splash

Stiff Neck

  • Chokeslam
  • Pumphandle Slam
  • Toss Out of Ring


  • Full Nelson
  • Power Bomb
  • Headbutt


  • Small Package
  • Neck Snap
  • Spear

Note: The style-specific moves above are the best ones to use as a special move for your wrestler.

Training Your Wrestler

Click the Gym link on the left hand side of the page to begin raising your wrestler's stats. You can return to the Gym anytime to build your stats to their maximum level.

You will need AP and money to train your stats. Each new wrestler starts with 2500 AP and 500 money. Stats can be trained up to 75% of their maximum without using a trainer. At the start this is about a 6 or 7 point gain per stat. Once the stat is at 75% of its max, you will need to use a trainer. This costs $10 for every 1 AP you use.

Most styles have a primary offensive stat, depending on the wrestling style. For instance, aerialists have very high aerial. It is recommended to raise this primary stat before raising any secondary stats. Traditional wrestlers do not have a primary offensive stat.

Consciousness is the most important stat in the game, regardless of your chosen style. The higher your Con, the the longer you will be able to last in a match. Also, injuries occur when a large amount of a wrestler's Consciousness is lost in a match. It is therefore beneficial to raise this stat as much as possible to avoid any potential (and likely expensive) injuries.

Note: For all styles except Aerialist, it is advised to ignore training the Aerial stat, as none of the other styles even have Aerial moves at the start of the game. Non-Aerialists can afford to let the Aerial stat deteriorate until later in the game when they finally begin purchasing Aerial moves.

There is also an element of chance involved in stat-building. Sometimes you would spend only 1 AP and $10 to raise a stat; other times the costs are more than all your prize money for the day.

Setting Staff

Click on the Staff link next.

There are three types of staff, each with three levels of effectiveness and cost.

''Doctors'' - A doctor will reduce your injuries in matches.

  • Doctor level 0 means no doctor to help you recover injuries.
  • Doctor level 1 gives you an average doctor and costs you 15% of match earnings.
  • Doctor level 2 gives you a superb doctor and costs you 35% of match earnings.

''Match Coach'' - A match coach will make you connect with more moves.

  • Match coach level 0 means no coaching advantages.
  • Match coach level 1 gives you an average advantage and costs you 15% of match earnings.
  • Match coach level 2 gives you a superb advantage and costs you 35% of match earnings.

''Physical Trainer'' - A physical trainer will increase the damage you do in matches.

  • Physical trainer level 0 means no training advantages.
  • Physical trainer level 1 gives you an average advantage and costs you 15% of match earnings.
  • Physical trainer level 2 gives you a superb advantage and costs you 35% of match earnings.

These percentages are cumulative, so using Level 2 staff at 35% for each staff type will give you a total loss of 105%, leaving you without a paycheck at the end of the match.

Docs Only - The Unwritten Rule

In VOW, there is an unwritten rule that the only staff you should use are Doctors, Level 2 (a.k.a. docs only, docs). This will lower your risk of injuries and will give you more spending money after the match concludes, since you have fewer expenses. At the same time you will show respect to your opponent by decreasing the chance that he/she will be injured in the match.

You can, of course, choose to speculate on your matches and lower your Doctor staff level to 1 or even 0, if you are feeling supremely confident in your odds against certain challengers. Do so at your own risk.

Creating a Special Move

Click on the Locker Room link. Here you can purchase new moves and designate known moves as '''Specialized'''. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to find the '''SPECIALIZE A KNOWN MOVE''' section.

The '''Move''' drop-down list provides a list of your known moves. Any of your known moves can be specialized. After selecting a move, type a name for the newly-specialized move in the '''Move Name''' box and then write a small description of the move in the '''Move Description''' box.

Your first special move is free, but each additional special move will become increasingly expensive. The cost of these special moves will drop slowly as your wrestler gains experience.


Before you start your first match, you should understand some very basic fundamentals of VOW.

  1. VOW is money-driven. Money allows you to heal, raise your stats, and buy more moves. Using "full staff" regularly will leave you with injuries, depleted stats, no extra moves, and an empty bank account.
    • Your payout depends on three factors:
      1. Victory
        • Obviously, you get more pay if you win than if you lose your match.
      2. Fame
        • Both your own fame and your opponent's fame are used to calculate the total payout for the match. In all matches, your combined fame is directly proportional to the paycheck you receive at the end of the match. The higher the total fame, the more money you will get, win or lose. Also, the higher your opponent's fame, the more fame you will receive when you win.
      3. Staff
        • Since using staff takes a percentage of your paycheck, it is wise to use as little staff as possible (usually at Doctors, Level 2) to maximize your total pay.
  2. Move choice is everything. Your career's success will be wholly dependent on which moves you purchase at which times. Anyone can buy all the moves and retire given enough time, but not everyone can retire with a stellar record. See the Move List for more details.
  3. If you die and need to or just plain want to start over with a new character, DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT! PLIT rules dictate that owning multiple accounts is not allowed and any player(s) found with multiple accounts tied to their IP's will be suspended from the game. Instead, go to the Logout screen and hit the Detach/Delete button. You will not be able to choose the same character name, but you can nonetheless start fresh with a new character.

The First Match

It is now time to step into the ring. Click the Player List link. This page will give you a list of the currently active players on VOW.

Here you will see the following information:

  • Character (Player Stats Link)
  • League
  • Last Access
  • M (Private Message Link)
  • C (Challenge Link)

When choosing matches it is highly recommended that you choose opponents that are beatable. Through careful analysis of each player's Character page, you can choose your battles wisely. It is very risky to fight opponents that vastly outclass you, as an opponent with a huge experience advantage will have higher stats and will more than likely have a larger move arsenal than you. However, it is not always certain that a low-experienced player will lose to someone with much higher experience. One of the realities of VOW is that the outcomes of each match are randomly generated and anything can happen.

The more experience your opponent has, the more experience you will gain if you win, but the maximum experience you can gain from winning a match is 5. If you lose a match, you will receive 1 Fame and 1 Exp. regardless of your opponent's level.

R & R and Auto-Heal

After each match, Click the R & R link and rest at the hospital. Doing so will restore a bit of Consciousness and will more importantly bring your Vital Life back to maximum. Having a low Vital Life value will reduce your effectiveness in the ring.

After resting in the hospital, you may notice that your Con is still not completely restored. This is fine, since your Con will be automatically restored by the Auto-Heal function as soon as you start your next match. The Auto-Heal cost is 2 Con/1 AP.

For example, if you have 40 Con but have a 54 Con maximum, the Auto-Heal function will require 7 AP to restore your Con as your next match starts.

Knowledge of this Auto-Heal function is important, as it is unwise to step into the ring without having enough AP in reserve so that Auto-Heal can bring you back up to maximum Consciousness before the match starts.

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