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An e-fed (electronic federation) is basically fantasy wrestling roleplaying, using electronic tools such as e-mail, an online forum, message board or website. You create a wrestler, and enter that wrestler in feuds or storylines with other wrestlers in that e-fed.

All roleplay in e-feds is done through written responses players send to each other; this is your version of "cutting a promo." Depending on the e-fed you joined you may have access to other technologies that would allow you to create innovative roleplays, such as filming your own skit on YouTube or Google Video. Of course, then the whole world would learn of your dorkiness.

Matches in e-feds are decided in one of two ways: either a booker decides who wins the fights, or a simulator program is used to pick the winner.

Other than match outcomes, what goes into an e-fed depends on the owner's preferences. This includes what championships the fed will have, who will be the fed's major stars, how many pay per views the fed will have, etc. A lot of feds award their championships to players they feel have done the best job in getting attention to themselves and whatever feud they're in. This is up to the player's imagination.

Many players set up new e-feds in VOW, but most die within a few weeks due to lack of interest, because the roster is too small, or because the fed owner does not know how to keep his roster happy. While players can opt to create their own e-fed any time they want, it is better that they first check the list of available e-feds in Legal E-Feds forum thread. This list includes some of the longer running e-feds based on VOW.


  • Virtual Online Wrestling requires that all e-feds being promoted on the site should be related to VOW, in that the e-fed's matches must be run in the VOW ring.
  • E-Fed Advertisement is restricted to the Legal E-Feds forum thread. Any advertising on chat or in private messages may lead to a chat suspension, if reported to or witnessed by a moderator.
  • Non-VOW E-Fed Advertising will lead to outright suspension from PLIT Games.

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